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We are confident that if an individual or family is looking for a kind, intelligent, easy to care for and live with dog then the Goldendoodle should be at the top of there list. Goldendoodle come in a variety of sizes and colors. Here at Goldendoodle Kennels we specialize in the “smaller” size, sometimes called: “mini”, “toy” or “micro mini”. Because the breed is relatively new there are no established “standards” for the breed. Therefore breeders use different “titles” to describe their dogs. Gooldendoodle Focused Rescues in North AmericaThese websites and groups are excellent resources for information on adopting a Goldendoodle.

Breeders are welcome to use this pedigree service for one or all of the litters they produce.

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She plays well with our three children and helps my oldest when he is overwhelmed with life.

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