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We get compliments on him constantly!His dad is Mac and his mom is Megan. He was born April 24th, 2014. Thanks again. We just love our Charlie!""Just wanted to send you some pics of Ziggy and an update he was Dayglo Orange puppy from Maggie and Kubby's April litter. He is awesome!I have people frequently tell me that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen and I agree!He is super sweet a great mix of affectionate, yet independent and so quirky and funny. His favorite thing is other dogs and he loves them all.

There has been no shedding so no allergy issues.

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We live on a 15 acre property with ample room for proper exercise for each of our dogs. More…

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Our puppies will provide your family with many years of love, joy, companionship and fun. More…

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Was he just hiding how bad he really was and now that she’s gone he doesn’t feel the need to hide it?Dr wants to increase the prednisone and add another anabolic steroid on top to see if we can build up his muscle mass in his back legs and rump area…My 7 year old boxer has always been a picture of health. More…

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But, by doing research and by meeting the dam and sire of your puppy, you should be able to get a glimpse of what your puppy's temperament may be like when he/she grows up. More…