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I flew from Kansas City 2 times to get them and boy was it worth it!They are the best dogs I've ever had for sure. Easy to train, great with my kids and just adorable. Murphy is a HUGE 60lbs already goofball with great personality. Maggie is a small sweet gentle girl. They love each and fight some just like siblings!They walk or run 2 miles every night with me and we get stopped constantly with people saying how gorgeous and obedient they are. Wanting to know what kind of dogs they are and how they can get one. they actually sit when people stop us to let them pet them!What hams!They are so perfect for our family I can't thank you enough. If I had more time and room, I'd get more!Oh. and absolutely NO SHEDDING!""River is perfect. We are so happy with him. He's 65 pounds at 6 months.

You may find several myths surrounding the Labradoodle breeders Florida or the golden doodle breeds that you may find certain allergies, but the fact is just the opposite.

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As far as breed history is concerned, there is not much to say with the Mini Goldendoodle.

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Her tail, face, and legs are much more red, and there is darker red at the base of her coat, so I think she will become more red with time. More…

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Goldendoodles are outgoing, social dogs and often have an uncanny ability to communicate with people. More…

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You also will notice the coats on this generation of Doodles. More…

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I had to bleach my yard and I am continuing to watch my other pup closely as Parvo doggie flu is very contagious to dogs. More…