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If you are vaccinating one dog, you must vaccinate them all. Parvo virus in the vaccine is eliminated through the stool and can cause unvaccinated dogs to pick up this disease. Parvo can transmit itself to other dogs whose immunity has not been built up, therefore causing parvo to occur in any aged dog. Some vets claim this virus is airborne and some vets and sites claim it is not, however, there is no actual. factual information available whether it is or it isn't. Puppies are the most affected by this disease and it is not always caused by the pup coming into contact with other sick pups, dogs or infected feces.

We expect every breeder to support genetic research not only in doing the four major clearances but also by contributing to a DNA databank available to researchers.

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The pups will get to meet people of all ages and we also have three other dogs for them to interact with.

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Like any dog, Goldendoodles can get into mischief and develop behavioral problems if they are left alone for long periods of time. More…

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While Labradoodles were bred to be guide dogs for vision impaired people with dog sensitive allergies, Goldendoodles have been bred primarily to be family pets, although they can also make terrific service dogs. More…

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Flecking with different shades of Hazel with Green Blue make this eye colour quite unique. More…

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She was taught the 'normal' Therapy Dog things, such as be gentle, allow yourself to be stroked, don't bark unless requested to do so, and so on. More… alder security